Best Liked Books of 2010

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"My Year in Books"

A Year in Reading

And I had thought to list my favorites of the year.  While it is easy to pick favorites, it is hard to rank them, so consider this just a spill list of good-reads.

Yiyun Li--Gold Boy, Emerald Girl
Petina Gappah--An Elegy for Easterly
Maria Angels Anglada--The Violin of Auschwitz
David Malouf--Ransom
Zachary Mason---The Lost Books of the Odyssey
Maaza Mengiste--Beneath the Lion's Gaze
Helen Simonson--Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Dave Zeltserman--The Caretaker of Lorne Field

If someone were to ask me which books published in the year would I recommend to their attention--this would be the list.  But I have also a special commendation to a book not of this year, but one of the most compellingly interesting books of the past several years (to me)--David Damrosch The Buried Book.


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