Ann Beattie considered

Walks with Men

I have never much cared for Ms. Beattie's work.  It often struck me that there was much of a muchness about her various damsels in distress seeking remediation from their boring married lives in the thrills of divorce.  Indeed, it was largely Miss Beattie's work, I suspect, that gave rise to "The New Yorker Short Story,"  which some deny exists, but in the work of writers from Beatties to Jhumpa Lahiri raises its ugly and hoary head every now and again.  (Mercifully, it would seem, not so frequently as of yore.)

I thought to reevaluation my long-term distaste for Ms. Beatties work by taking up the recently published volume of short stories from the New Yorker, but, unfortunately, it only reinforced my memories of the tales.


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