Some Disclaimers

(1) I do not make my living by commenting on literature.

(2) While I do hold a higher degree in English (which supposedly gives you the qualifications to make a living commenting in literature) I have never actively pursued a life that would give me the qualification to be listened to as I pontificated.

(3) If you're hear to read my pontifications, please see 1 and 2, and do not base your term papers, theses, or other important papers on anything you may see here.

(4) I welcome comments.  I welcome disagreement.  I do not welcome personally disparaging comments directed at me or at any member of the group that chooses (for whatever mysterious reason) to read what is posted here.

(5) Any reasonably intelligent person is entitled both to read and to enjoy literature and to make connections between pieces that may, in real life, have no connection whatsoever.  James Joyce may never have read Faulkner--it's almost certain that he didn't before he published Ulysses--that does not stop anyone from seeing a connection between the works and to suggest that elements of Faulkner have entered Ulysses.  (Which can be more a statement about zeitgeist than about influence.)

(6) One purpose of this site is to encourage the average interested reader to tackle things that are "beyond" her or him.  There are very few pieces of literature that are entirely "beyond" anybody.  And a dedicated reader can derive pleasure and wisdom from the active pursuit of reading.  Therefore, I would encourage all to support this goal in their own comments.  More, even if you don't like what I write about a piece, do not be persuaded against the piece, rather go check it out for yourself and see how wrong I was.  It will give you a little victory for the day!

(7) Read, read, read!  And join in the conversation.  It isn't as though I know everything about what I'm writing about.  Often, I'm simply charting my own clueless groping in the dark.  It's okay to have clueless groping in the dark.  Just enjoy it.

(8) Read 1-4 again and internalize them.  I'm not the expert.  I'm not even the advanced amateur.  But I do read works that I once considered "work" for enjoyment now, and I want to share my enthusiasm with those who are interested.

(9) If you're here looking for an argument--read numbers 1-4 and 8 again.  If it gives you some sort of pleasure to rip into those whose opinion differs from your own and to show how very brilliant and cultivated you are, you will be forcibly evicted by the bouncer, Joe Young.

(10)  Read here and then read what is written about here.  Above all, enjoy literature, and encourage others to enjoy it with you.


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