The Purposes of a New Blog

One of the purposes of this new blog for me is to encourage writing--to give me the time and the space that I need to reflect carefully on what I read and share the thoughts with those who are interested as I begin to churn them around into the things that I write.  It is to examine the theory of the agon of the author and to see which influences I incorporate and which I struggle against as I try to put together mny own works.  In short, it is a place to think out loud, and to share with anyone who cares to read some fruits of that thought.  Perhaps the reader will encounter a work that they have not considered reading, or perhaps a reader will have a different insight into a work that I have been interested in--a new key that opens another, previously unseen door. 

That is part of what I want to do here, and it seems better here, in its own place, rather than competing for space and breathing room in a blog that is supposed to be a sustained reflection on Carmelite matters.  By creating this separate space, it will, perhaps force the issue on the other blog, and perhaps I can return to sharing what little there is to share regarding my spiritual life.


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