Pay-to-Preview on Amazon

Pay-to-Preview on Amazon

What a great idea!  I can think of no better way to drive readers back into the languishing bookstores than to require that they purchase a book without the opportunity to sample the content. 

When I go to Barnes and Noble or Borders, or my local bookseller, I read through any number of books without ever buying them.  Conceivably, I could take a small book to the cafe and sit and read the entire thing before I leave.  It's a cost of doing business and it ultimately increases sales.  So, go ahead Amazon, charge for previews and see how your customers like it. 


  1. Steven,

    This seems to be the general trend among US companies today. Instead of looking for ways of delivering a better product more efficiently or for other ways reducing costs, companies, banks, etc. are now looking for new fees to charge customers.

    I see it as a penalty for doing business with them. Consequently, I try to avoid doing business with them.

  2. If Amazon goes through with this, it will make laughable any future comments from Bezos that amazon is looking out for its customers.

  3. Dear TS,

    Good point. To be fair, it is possible that this kind of technology could be used for a clipping service or any number of other possibilities. But it is ugly.



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