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Collateral Beauty

This evening saw Collateral Beauty with my son. We both liked it, but critics, predictably hated it--a lot.  They found it predictable and manipulative and cynical.  Probably all true--but it is of a type that is designed for all of that--a tearjerker.  As such, it has a formula--and the execution of this formula was remarkably well done.  Except for one bit of overexplaining toward the end, it was a predictably simple story with an interesting twist which I did not see coming. In case you're wondering this is all about making sure that I've posted something today, to try to get back into the regular rhythm of it.

Abandoning Facebook

And retreating here to set up a sort of accountability for my writing.  I hope to take back up with the same mix of the literary and spirituality, with perhaps the latter in greater abundance than hitherto.